1. A positive atmosphere.


If there was one thing that we viewed as the most important element in a happy workspace, it would have to be a positive and charged atmosphere. This culture has to filter down from the management, right through to every member of staff. Enthusiasm is infectious, but it must be sustainable. So that’s why we have 9 other happiness factors!

2. How empowered are your people?

Do your people take full responsibility for their tasks, or do they feel micro-managed? Do they also feel valued and appreciated?

3. Is there a choice of working environments?

Can your people choose a work zone that best suits the task in hand? For example, do you have small quiet rooms for working on a concentration-heavy task, or larger meeting spaces for group discussions?

4. Is your office interior design functional and pleasant?

Does your office space portray a good company image to those both inside and outside your organisation? 97% of respondents to a recent survey said that they regarded their place of work as a symbol of whether or not they were valued by their employer. Helping employees to feel valued is a large part of workspace happiness.

Your office space does not need to be like Google, it just needs to help your people to maximise their productivity and creativity.

5. Do you have adequate meeting spaces?

Do you struggle to find places to hold a quick discussion or meeting? By making sure that you have enough meeting spaces, you will help your people to greater productivity, thereby enhancing job satisfaction, wellbeing and, of course, happiness!

6. Easy access to good water (and coffee)

Providing your people with easy access to refreshments is a sure way to maintain productivity throughout the day. Chilled water, and good tea and coffee is an easy place to start. Fruit bowls, hot food and juicing machines are all good options if you want to happify your workspace a little bit more!

7. Windows and natural light

Sunlight is free, so make the most of it. The softness of natural daylight, and also the way it is constantly changing has a large impact on productivity. In school environments, it was found that school children in well-lit classrooms received test scores 15% higher on average than those in classrooms with little or no daylighting. How much could you improve productivity through utilising daylight?

8. Do your people have the right tools for the job?

There are few things more frustrating than not being able to complete a task because you don’t have the access to the necessary tools. Whether this is a renewed software subscription, an upgraded pc, or simply an empty USB flash drive handy when you need it, it is important to make sure that your team have easy access to everything that they need to help them achieve.

9. Plants and nature

The relationship between people and nature is becoming ever more important in the modern workspace. Whilst some have strong views about dogs in the office, there can’t be many people that will object to some greenery in the office to brighten the space and help make the atmosphere more healthy.

Aside from personal likes and dislikes, plants in the office have been proven to enhance wellbeing and productivity.

10. Active and healthy workers

Do your people embrace an active and healthy lifestyle? Exercise and healthy eating are proven to boost your mood and enhance productivity. Ensuring that your workspace culture promotes wellbeing and encourages a healthy attitude to life will help you to ensure that your workplace is a happy and productive one.

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