1. Rushing the design development

It is an easy mistake to make as you try not to buckle under the pressure of meeting deadlines, but it can be a costly one to make for both the total value of the project, and the effectiveness that results from the design once occupied. Carrying out a fit out is no small task and no matter the size of the project, a lot of work needs to take place to take the project from concept through to delivery. Planning is the key to a successful fit out that effectively meets the needs of the client and optimises their space whilst also having completed the necessary due diligence to avoid unforeseen setbacks.

2. Sacrificing quality to save pennies

In some instances, it can be very effective to swap out high end finishes for more cost-effective options to value engineer the project budget. There are some obvious areas where this can be done with minimal impact on the finished aesthetics however, there comes a point where the overall quality is sacrificed, and the end users will really feel the impact.
Flooring finishes are low-cost high impact investment

  • Aesthetics
  • Comfort
  • Visibility of the value

3. Not prioritising the staff

You need to understand your staff – how they operate and what they want out of their work environment. This can be heavily impacted by your company’s culture, activities, age demographics and staff personalities. Your workplace environment has the power to be a huge pull factor that contributes towards happy and productive staff. Take the time to listen to your staff and what they want.

4. Not checking the building has enough power from the mains to accommodate the fit out

This is a simple one but can often catch clients out. Upgrading the mains power supply can be expensive and take months not weeks.

5. Not being realistic with the budget

Calculate the likely cost of your space by speaking to one of our team. We will need to know the total area of your space, total number of staff, the existing state of the space & its facilities and the level of spec you are after. If you want the WOW factor this will come at a price.

6. Contingency planning & realistic time frames

Often your fit out is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to refurbishing or relocating your workspace. There are many other factors that play a part and to coordinate all of these effectively will take time. To name a few:

  • The landlord requirements or a License to Alter
  • The new buildings facilities. Are there any common area showers or bike storage
  • Has the building got an existing fibre link?
  • What IT setup will be required in the new building
  • New maintenance and facilities contracts with M&E, cleaners, coffee machines, printers, food deliveries etc.
  • Access fobs for staff to remain the same
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