NAME: Kelvin Moulding

JOB TITLE: Workplace Change Consultant

THREE OF YOUR FAVOURITE THINGS: Spreadsheets, hill walking and algebra

Give us a 10-word personal bio…

Takes life seriously and dislikes apostrophes in the wrong place

What’s on your desk? 

My laptop and my phone for sure, and if I’m feeling organised, my plan for the day.  I usually have a cappuccino with an extra espresso shot in arms reach too.

What is your favourite space in the office?

Difficult to say as I use all sorts of different spaces during the day.  However, I do like a sit-stand desk and space to walk around while I’m on the phone.

Favourite Habit Action project and why? 

I love the Create London project – it’s got a great feel to it, and I love the West End location.

Fact or Fiction?

Fact without question.  Successful business decisions aren’t made from reading storybooks…  Although Forbes said ‘If you think business decisions are made on fact, take a look at some old 5 year projections!”

Biscuits – to dunk or not to dunk? 

Never dunk in coffee.  But if it’s Lady Grey with a chocolate hobnob, I’m more than happy.

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