NAME: Kirsty Oldbury

JOB TITLE: Interior Designer

THREE OF YOUR FAVOURITE THINGS: Avocado, scarfs and music

Give us a 10-word personal bio…

I’m am energetic, fun, practical, calm, aspirational, motivated, honest, inspirational, neat, an unconventional thinker, outstanding and apparently a little bit of a rule breaker, as this bio is definitely over 10 words 😉.

What’s on your desk? 

I always have a bottle of water on my desk. I like to keep hydrated and I’m a bit of a health junky. I always have a notepad to hand with a fine drawing pen. If I have an idea I need to get it down on paper or I can’t concentrate on the job at hand. I always have a toiletry bag with a toothpaste and hand cream in it. I like to go to meetings feeling my best. Fresh breath and soft hands are important to me as they are quite often a client’s first physical interaction with you. I always have a pair of headphones. I’m either listening to my favourite Spotify playlist or to one of my favourite motivational speakers. At the moment I am listening to Red Table Talk, which is hosted by Jada Pinkett Smith (Will Smith’s Wife). She has really changed the way I think about a lot of aspects of my life.

What is your favourite space in the office?

My favourite space in our Poppy Building office has to be our teapoint/samples area. It came out exactly as I imagined it would and its the perfect central hub to the office, a real connection point for all the staff and the perfect hosting station for clients. A truly functional space.

Favourite Habit Action project and why? 

My favourite recent project has to be our own Habit Action office. Every time someone walks into the office they express their admiration for the spaces, flexibility and their love of it aesthetically. For me this is the project that keeps on giving and I feel proud every time I hear someone say something nice.

Flora or fauna?

Both. In nature flora and fauna need both to survive. That is the way the world works. I would never limit myself to the one topic, plus I have a passion for horticulture. In my spare time, I design and landscape gardens for my friends and family, and I love all animals.

Biscuits – to dunk or not to dunk? 

I have to confess I am a dunker. I’m famous for my gluten-free oat and cinnamon cookies. They are amazing with a strong pot of tea. You haven’t lived until you have dunked one of my cookies! 🙂


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