Lee, What’s your official role at Habit Action?

Senior Project Manager

What’s your favourite part of project management?

Taking an idea or concept and bringing it to life, ultimately leading to many happy smiling faces. Also its unpredictability as you’re never quite sure what is around the corner or what the next challenges may be.

Roughly how many projects have you managed in your lifetime?

Over 300 (ranging from small reception desks to multi floor office spaces, dust extraction systems for a door manufacturing factory, waste water treatment plant controls and much much more!)

Does any particular project stand out in your memory above the others, and why?

Working in Saudi Arabia for a solid 30 days with only 1 day off setting up the control system for a steel factory. Getting to work in a foreign country with multiple nationalities and experience a different culture was amazing, although very very hard work.

Favourite Habit Action project?

Technip FMC – check out the project here.

What’s your chosen holiday destination?

Austria, where I got married. There is something about being surrounded by the snow and mountains that is very relaxing, as well as the hot thermal springs! Or St. Lucia in the Caribbean.

Best thing about working at Habit Action?

The people & culture. Everyone is pulling in the same direction and are all willing to help each other.

If you could go back in time, what would your advice be to your younger self?

Go to University at an earlier age! I went to University as a 27yr old for 4 years (studying Architectural Technology) meaning I have condensed a lot into the last 10 years of my professional career. It has definitely not help my hair line!

Cats or Dogs?

Cats they are more independent and require less maintenance

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