It was great to be present at the CIPD HR Workplace Analytics conference in Tower Bridge earlier this week. We’re freshly inspired about the importance of data and analysis in the workspace!

The inspirational keynote speakers shared many insightful learnings, but our main takeaway was that organisations can use human relations data as a base point to drive learning. Once the data has been gathered, human evaluation and analysis helps turn the data into meaningful insights on which to base business decisions and drive workplace change.

Aside from workspace changes, there is an increasing appetite for adopting a design and research-led approach to HR initiatives, ensuring long-term success and business growth from any initiatives or people-related schemes.

Organisations can use HR data as a base point upon which to base decisions and drive positive change.

The growth of evidence-based practice in HR is saving managers from making decisions based on gut feel. These learnings have been applied to finance and operation-related decisions for hundreds of years. The current revolution in the HR sector will enable HR Directors and their teams to implement changes with far-reaching and long term benefits.

We see this methodology connecting seamlessly with our approach to evidence-based workspace design. Our unique approach to workplace design connects people with their workspace, enabling them to perform at peak productivity and enjoy their work-life balance to the fullest. You can connect your business growth strategies with your facilities to ensure that your office spaces are ready to accommodate changes in staff numbers and working habits.

To gather data and ensure you have the knowledge you need to design your workspace based on research, we have developed an intelligent app. The Habit Action app allows you to gather data anonymously, giving you insights into how your workspace is performing. Combining this accurate data with an understanding of your business growth strategy and workspace design experience lets you achieve more from your workspace, and your people.

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