Coronavirus and other illnesses are spread via droplets, either on surfaces or in the air. These droplets can enter your body through your nose, eyes or mouth and are generally transferred to your body via your hands. Keeping your workplace clean and hygienic will help limit the spread of the infection and keep you, your clients and your colleagues safe.

Beware of the keyboard

and the mouse, desktop and chair. Office surfaces seem to attract germs, or perhaps it is because in the normal run of things, hygiene is neglected. The average office desk has 400x more germs than the average toilet seat (according to a recent study) Keep your surfaces germ-free and regularly wipe with a sanitising wipe, or use an antibacterial spray and clean cloth or tissues. Check your phone handset and any other tech you may have nearby.

Avoid the handshake

Everyone understands why you would prefer not to shake hands right now. It’s highly likely that others would prefer not to shake hands with you too. Find a polite yet professional excuse to use with any that are still insisting on shaking hands.

Consider a communal clean up

Join forces in break times and quiet patches to have a team tidy up. Sanitise kitchen and bathroom areas and wipe down surfaces in social spaces. It’s all very well to leave it to your cleaners but taking ownership of your spaces will help you feel safer and you can rest assured that your space has been thoroughly cleaned. Ensure bins are emptied regularly and kitchen surfaces are wiped and disinfected regularly.

Keep your items safe

Use a locker for your personal items. Keep them out of the way of potential droplet infection from passers by. Keep surfaces clutter free and easy to clean too. Change your mugs and cups regularly, and keep drinking fresh water.

Need we say

keep washing your hands. If you’re bored of singing Happy Birthday consider some of these other Coronavirus friendly hits; Keep up with the hand sanitiser too, and if your hands are getting dry and inflamed, try a moisturiser that’s nourishing for your skin. You can even get moisturisers with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

Stay hygienic and stay safe. We’re wishing your team the best of luck with maintaining great hygiene in the workplace.

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