Often when people think about improving their workspace, the emphasis and drive for change is around enhancing the user experience from an employee standpoint.  This is absolutely imperative and is becoming increasingly important for attracting and retaining top talent however, it doesn’t just end there…

Think about how you could transform your workplace into not just a place where your people love to work, but a place your customers love to come to.  Over this past year, with travel and social restrictions reducing face to face client meetings, it’s not just been the human interaction we’ve all been missing, but as consumers, not being able to physically see what we’re buying has been a real challenge.  Now with the easing restrictions, we have a unique opportunity to really wow our clients!  Use your workplace your unique selling tool.

It is a widely known fact that first impressions count.  In fact, within the first seven seconds of meeting someone, we form a solid impression of what the other person is like, and with a workplace, it is no different.

Think of your workplace as an extension of your brand… what is it you want your clients first impression to be?  In some cases, walking up to the door of your office might be one of their first interactions with your brand.

Creating a space that is not only inviting but also tells people a bit about who you are as a company is so important. However, it isn’t just about creating an environment that looks beautiful, memorable client experiences can be attributed to much more than that.

Creating a client-centric environment designed to optimize the client experience is something that will give you a point of difference over your competition.  Not only is it important to consider the visual impact your space has on your clients, but it can also come down to the fragrance in your reception space, the fresh coffee you serve them, or the comfort of the chair they sit on.  It’s all about creating an experience unique to your company that will stay with your clients and make them want to come back.

As consumers, whether we’re conscious of it or not, when we buy from a company, we don’t just pay for a product, we pay for the experience and service too.

In fact, 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a product or service where they receive a great customer experience.

Investing in your workplace can directly impact on your brand positioning in the marketplace. Every customer has different needs, so understanding your customers and creating a workspace that attracts the right type of clients can really help elevate your brand.

Being creative with how you showcase your products or services is a further means of using your workplace as a sales tool.  People are inquisitive and want to know how you work, what you have to offer and most importantly how your product or service will benefit them.  Immersing your clients in a space that lives and breathes what you’re selling them, helps to remove distractions and allows a unique window of opportunity for you to understand your clients’ needs and provide the solution.

Here at Habit Action, nothing excites us more than helping our clients succeed in business.  Want to find out how your workplace can become the go-to place for your clients?  Contact us to book in a consultation.

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