Murray, thanks for your time today.

What’s your official title at Habit Action? Sales Director

What’s your secret to maintaining a great company culture? Empowerment of others and giving people responsibility. Also, staying true to our core values is essential.

If you had to describe Habit Action in one word, which word would you choose? Passionate

Favourite Habit Action project? IFF Hamburg. It was great to be involved on this prestigious project, and the European location added an additional dimension.

Do you have a personal favourite interior design style? Resimercial; where home and office design overlap to create a more personal, comfortable and welcoming work environment.

Murray, what’s the most challenging but rewarding aspect of your day to day job role? Maintaining momentum on all of my projects and ensuring I’m communicating effectively with all stakeholders.

What is your secret to juggling the day to day responsibilities of a dynamic team? Scheduling regular short meetings with different teams to keep abreast of updates across the business and on projects. Using a regular tracking report to track actions is also key.

All companies have a heritage that makes them unique. What’s your favourite workplace tradition at Habit Action? Workouts after work on a Monday and Thursday’s. Our motto is If it’s burning it’s working.

How do you think the workplace of the future is going to be different from what we have now? We’re going to see increased use of technology to support more agile working practices. I believe staff wellbeing and a focus on companies improving is going to see the rise of multipurpose spaces. Spaces which can double up as gyms, townhall or event spaces are definitely going to increase. As more millennials are arriving in the workplace we are going to see the designs follow themes that are prevalent in the major universities.

Any advice you’d give to your younger self? Pay attention to your career path early in life and follow extra curriculum studies that support this.

Flora or fauna? Flora.

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