With the last 2 years dramatically changing and evolving the way we work and our relationship with the office, the burning question for heads of real estate and business leaders globally is still, ‘how do we strategically use the physical workspace’. Since we are answering that question for our clients every day, we thought we would share 5 key insights into the design trends our experts are seeing for 2022 and beyond.

Resimercial Design

As the name suggests, resimercial design is a blend of ‘residential’ and ‘commercial’ where we bring aspects of home into the commercial workspace. For obvious reasons, with hybrid working becoming the norm for almost 70% of small to large companies, this style is becoming increasingly popular. Instead of cold, commercial workspaces, this style gives people more of the home comforts they have become accustomed to, creating more cohesion between the two work environments.

Resimercial design

Sustainable Design

With the recent COP26 conference held in Glasgow, it is clear that sustainability and the impact we all have on the environment is becoming an increasing consideration for organisations worldwide, and workplace design is no exception! From furniture, flooring, ventilation systems and even down to office planting and soft furnishings, 2022 is giving companies an opportunity to take action with the sustainability of their workspaces and lead the way to a more sustainable future.

Sustainable Design

Office Acoustics

Whilst many of us pined for the buzz of the physical office whilst we worked alone for hours at home, we have come back and decided that the office buzz is far too distracting and we want our peace and quiet back! So instead of trying to block out the sound by wearing headphones all day, acoustic design is going to need to work a lot harder for us as we bring more and more back to the office. This doesn’t mean all offices will be fitted with ugly old style acoustic ceiling tiles, instead there is a rapidly growing list of ways sound management and acoustic materials can be incorporated in your office design. Providing quiet zones within the office is a must! We all need to know there is somewhere we can go when we need that real focused, distraction free time.


Biophilic Design

Not only do office plants bring the space to life aesthetically, science has taught us there is so much more to plants than meets the eye… they can help reduce stress, clean the air, help reduce noise levels, as well as reducing sickness and absence rates. With the growing concern and awareness for mental health and wellbeing, it is a no-brainer for this trend to increase and become a must have in every workplace.


Flexible Design

Having a flexible workspace has never been more important. Whilst cutting down on real estate and dramatically downsizing office spaces seemed the obvious response to people having to work from home, this quick fix has not necessarily been the answer. With hybrid working, there may still be days where your whole team comes into the office, so cutting right down on square footage is not a solution. The key is to make sure your office is flexible and can be easily adapted to suit the different needs within the office, whether this is through moving walls or flexible furniture solutions, it gives you options with your space.

Veeva Moving Wall

Throughout the pandemic, Habit Action have been bringing clarity and direction to so many businesses whose real estate and workplace needs were beyond their capacity to manage. Finding your space is no longer fit for purpose, or not sure what ‘the office’ should mean to your staff in a hybrid working model? We would love to hear from you.

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