Old shops, factories, apartments, there are no rules when it comes to building office space. Here we’ll discover some of the more unusual spaces we’ve come across. With all these spaces, they are well designed, enabling their inhabitants to continue working effectively, whether on land, water or air!

Selgas Cano Architecture Office

This underground, super modern construction contrasts with its surroundings, creating an eyecatching, yet functional design for it’s workers.

Image credits: iwan.com

Warlies Park House, Waltham Abbey

This listed mansion is home to some Greater London employees, no doubt grateful for the beautiful grounds and luxurious interior.

image credits: Warlies Park House

Office Barge – Paddington Basin

Permanently moored office barges in the Paddington Basin provide a unique working environment in London.

Image credits: Hope Agency

Microsoft’s Tree House

Microsoft describes their tree house space as ‘built for Biophiles’ – being outdoors and amongst nature helps these fortunate workers to be more productive.


Video credits: Microsoft

Office in the sky – Air Force One

President Trump’s office inside the famous Air Force One is a workspace we would like to try out!

Image credit: White House

Underground – Churchill’s Cabinet War Rooms

This one hails back a few years now. 13 metres of reinforced concrete protected these offices underground in Whitehall during World War 2.

Image credits: IWM

Silicon Valley’s latest trend – Shoeless Offices

Companies like Gusto are introducing a shoeless policy, and workers place their shoes in cubby holes.

Image credits: Katie Canales/Business Insider

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