Once upon a time workspace analysis was a hit-and-miss procedure, full of manual errors and assumptions. Over the last few years technology has developed enough to enable us to take a different view of the work that goes on in our offices. Not in a big brother way, but in an intelligent and analytical way, enabling us to create smart workplaces that function seamlessly and enhance employee productivity.

A watchful eye

Our analysis takes employee privacy into account. We have developed beacon technology that analyses how your office space is being used. We track human beings as unidentified individuals, giving you a map of how your space is being used, but without being able to identify any particular individual. Heat maps and flow diagrams will show you how your people are moving around your space. Once you have the data from the beacon technology, you are enabled to make meaningful decisions on the future of your smart workplace.

The Age of Algorithms

Algorithms are everywhere, used by everyone from Google to the MET office. These powerful calculations empower you to make predictions for your people, and your space. You can identify space saving opportunities to maximise the potential of your workplace. They can help you create a space that offers your people better productivity and job satisfaction. They can help you maximise productivity and enhance efficiency.

and Apps.

There is indeed an app for this. An app that allows you to discover data from individual users of your workspace. Once again, this app collects data in non-identifiable methods, so there is no breach of personal privacy, and it is fully compliant with GDPR. The app collects a comprehensive range of information, from individual’s working activities, their precise locations, and their (anonymous) feedback about their working environment.

Use data to revolutionise your workspace.

Here at Habit Action, we are the pioneers of workplace analysis, and have invested heavily in our technology. Take advantage of years of experience to allow you to generate unique data from your workspace. The data will set you free, allowing you to make strategic decisions about your workplace, maximise worker efficiency and improve business performance.

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