Your senses are a physiological capacity of organisms that provides data for perception. Made up of touch, sight, hearing, taste and smell, how we interpret the world is based on all of our senses working together.

Smell, or the olfactory sense, is one of our most important senses. 75% Of the emotions we generate on a daily basis are affected by smell. Next to sight, it is the most important sense we have, and is closely connected with our memory.

Scent in the workplace is therefore an important aspect of your employee’s everyday wellbeing.

75% of the emotions we generate on a daily basis are affected by smell.

Employee Wellness

Wellness defines the state of being in good health, especially towards an actively pursued goal. Workplace scenting contributes to overall employee wellness by creating a more relaxing and productive environment.

A consistent scent experience helps employees to maintain levels of focus engagement. The workplace can be divided up into different zones, and scents applied to help workers enhance their productivity. Scents can be designed to stimulate synergy or promote higher concentration levels.

Zoning by scent

As with traditional interior design, when spaces are zoned by furniture or layout, you can also zone spaces with scent. From client spaces, to different employee workspaces, zoning by sent creates a truly immersive workplace experience.

Signature scenting

You can also create a one-of-a-kind signature scent that connects your brand with it’s customers, in a deeper more memorable way. We can connect you with a team of perfumiers, who have long experience in matching corporate brands with relevant scents.

Once you’ve established your unique scent it can be used to enhance your brand experience for employees, potential employees and clients alike.

How it works

Workplace scenting uses advance mist diffusion technology, either from standalone diffusers or in conjunction with your HVAC system. Scenting can be used in any size space, from a small cellular office to a large atrium. We have partnered with specialist global workplace scenting experts, meaning we can offer you a unique quality of scents, machinery and equipment.

Would you like to improve the smell experience in your office space? Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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