Setting ambitious targets for revenue growth in an organisation without implementing the necessary changes to improve the productivity and performance of your team, is setting your plans up to fail. In fact, research conducted by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) highlights the importance of labour productivity as being the main driver of economic growth. Also equally as important is ensuring you have the right people within your organisation to make your business goals a reality.

So, whether you are looking to increase the productivity of your current team or looking to acquire top talent, carefully consider what impact your workplace has on both these aspects.

Research conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) found that companies who use benefits strategically experience better overall company performance (58% vs. 34%), above-average effectiveness in recruitment (19% vs. 8%), and higher retention than companies who don’t (28% vs. 11%).

Whilst not all companies are capable of providing Google sized perks for staff like yoga classes and biweekly chair massages, many progressive forward thinking organisations are shifting their mindset about the workplace, and how this can become a huge benefit to staff.

Contrary to the decades-long sentiment that offices were a drain on resources and mere cost centres, office spaces are now earning respect as revenue generators.

Business leaders are now understanding that investing in great design and data driven planning can boost profits by increasing productivity, efficiency, engagement and not to mention, transforming your workspace into a talent magnet.


It was for these exact reasons that the CEO of Origin Pharma Packaging took the decision to transform their premises into a revenue boosting asset for the company. Knowing they needed to improve collaboration and communication within the different departments in the business, as well as needing to acquire top talent to progress and grow the business rapidly, they engaged with Habit Action to set the needed direction for their workplace decisions. Within 6 months of the office transformation, what was once a tired workplace, inadequate for the needs of the organisation, was turned into a revenue boosting asset for the company; attracting top talent, new clients and significantly increasing the productivity of the team.

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