Having a strong, positive, clearly defined, and well-communicated culture attracts talent that fits within your organisation which in turn drives engagement, retention and increases performance. Culture is the core of your business and helps your employees engage with each other and their work.

As an employer, improving workplace culture or even defining what your culture is, can be a mind field and with many of our clients, they have not known where to start. What does culture look like? An employers and employee’s opinion and expectations can be poles apart. How do you balance the needs of your business and the needs of your employee’s? There isn’t a magic answer, as all businesses will be different, but the foundation and approach are the same.

The key is to ensure that your company culture and business goals are aligned and support each other, otherwise it will be extremely difficult to turn the goals into a reality.

Workplace Strategy plays a huge part in helping businesses understand and define their culture. Not only does it give you the insights and intelligence of where your business is at now, but it gives you a clear roadmap of how your culture can become aligned to your overall business goals.

In any organisation but particularly where there are large numbers of staff, culture can be difficult to manage at the different levels of the company. All too often we forget to involve our people in decision making and go by assumptions on how people think and feel about the workplace. Involving your people, their thoughts, experiences requirements and opinions is of all importance. Understand what makes your employees tick, what motivates them, what passions they have and ensure they understand the company’s values, goals, and vision.

One of the key drivers for improved culture within and organisation is sharing the vision of the company from the top to get buy in from everyone. In an article from LinkedIn on the topic of ‘The Importance of a Shared Vision’, they talk about the sense of identity and unity that permeates the company, 2 critically important factors for boosting the culture of your business.

A valued employee who has clear direction, a voice, understands the importance of their own role and what is needed of them, will excel, flourish and in turn help your business thrive.

Like most things in life, it is all about balance. It is no myth that having a positive culture and employee engagement will lead to increase performance, drive your business forward and in turn will increase revenue. Knowing where to start and how to improve your culture is half the battle won. It takes everyone’s input so the more the culture is driven from the top, the faster it will filter right throughout your company.

Finding it difficult to define your workplace culture, especially while teams are apart? Rest assured; you are not alone. Our experts in workplace strategy are here to help you make the most of your workplace and culture all with the best in mind for your business.

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