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As leaders in the design, manufacture and delivery of innovative healthcare packaging solutions, Origin Pharma selected Habit Action to design and build their state-of-the-art HQ in Melton to help them attract and retain top talent in their rapidly expanding workforce.

Looking to prepare their workspace for the next phase of growth, Origin Pharma called on Habit Action to design and build a space that future-proofed their facility, enabled them to attract top talent and maximised the performance of their team. With the help of the Habit Action App and our amazing design team, we were able to design and build this stunning workspace enabling them as an organisation to grow at a pace which would not have been sustainable without this expansion and remodelling. This fantastic project features executive suites, an atrium area, 2 floors of mixed workspace environments, as well as their own innovation centre and state-of-the-art boardroom. Watch the video below from Tim Pocock, CEO at Origin to hear how this project aided Origin Pharma to win new clients and directly improve their business performance.

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