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Here at Habit Action we are driven by one single motive in the work we do: to design and create amazing workspaces that help businesses to grow and teams to flourish. With over 40 years experience in the industry we have combined the perfect blend of insight and creativity that we apply uniquely to every client we work with. Whether it’s production warehouses or general office space, our work within the aviation sector has taken our clients to new heights, allowing them to elevate their offering to their clients and create an environment which fosters productivity for their people.

What our Clients say...


"Panasonic Avionics Corporation had a global vision that we wanted to achieve within the space, which was achieved by the amazing combined effort of the design and project director team who were able to successfully understand and interpret the vision within the scheme."

Panasonic Avionics Corporation


"The new offices have been a great success and have enabled the whole operation to grow and expand further and faster than expected, as well as greatly increasing the morale and productivity of all the staff."

AJW Aviation

Our Experience in the Sector

Working closely with our clients to get under the skin of their unique challenges is fundamental to our design and build process, particularly within the Aviation sector where navigating the disruption of external factors can be such a big challenge for business leaders. This is where the importance of our data-driven approach to every design pays dividends, by removing the guesswork and replacing it with a viable workplace strategy that caters not only for the immediate needs of your people, but also encompasses the long term goals of the organisation. Since workplace strategy and a data-driven approach to office design lie at the heart of everything we do, we’ve created a clearly defined structure known uniquely to us as ‘The Six Ds’. This process gives us and our clients a clear roadmap from beginning to end of what’s involved at every step along the journey.

Enabling other businesses to grow and people succeed is what drives our teams to continually learn and develop creative solutions for our clients. Working with the likes of AJW Aviation, Panasonic Avionics, Aeromobile, and Frank Brown & Sons has given us great exposure to the unique needs and challenges of the sector. For AJW, the aim of the project was to maximise employee wellbeing and happiness through a well-designed, inspirational and modern office design. The end result didn’t just bring happiness for their people but tangible business results – “The new offices have been a great success and have enabled the whole operation to grow and expand further and faster than expected, as well as greatly increasing the morale and productivity of all the staff.” Andy Smith, Group Operations Director.

Since the Covid-19 Pandemic hit, disruptions to the travel industry has been a big concern for leaders in the aviation sector and has meant significant strategic changes to navigate this disruption. For our clients Frank Brown & Sons, it wasn’t just the pandemic that meant big change, there has been change of management and a big relocation project of office and production space. Our workplace strategy journey with the client was not just about designing a beautiful space but was about understanding their long term goals as a business and helping them get to a new level as a business at this critical phase of change. It’s projects like these that really excite us as business leaders as we help other businesses grow and succeed through what we do.



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AJW Aviation

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