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Experts in Biopharma Workplace Design


Here at Habit Action we are driven by one single motive in the work we do: to design and create amazing workspaces that help businesses to grow and teams to flourish. Our breadth of insight and expertise in the Pharma and Bio Sector is what has enabled us to consistently deliver fast-track, turnkey solutions on-time and in budget to the industry that truly work.

Technical Design

Whether you’re looking for specialist warehouse, laboratory or office space, we lead you from the outset, taking your brief and establishing exactly what you need for your business processes and functions. Taking the time to understand the specific user requirements within each space coupled with our technical knowledge of how these spaces function, enables us to maximise the efficiency of the space.

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Innovation and technology

We understand that innovation is the key to staying ahead in this fast moving and ever evolving industry. That is why we continue to work closely with the life sciences industry to ensure we keep up to date with the developing technology so we can create ground-breaking spaces that are becoming a key factor to their growth.

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Adapt and grow

It is critical in the industry that your space can develop and change depending upon the unique scientific requirements of the organisation. This is where our intelligently designed workspace and lab designs enable this to happen successfully, giving your workplace the agility it requires to adapt to your specific needs.

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Discovery spaces, not just wet labs

Our expertise extends beyond specialist lab and warehouse spaces, we understand that with the ever evolving nature of the sector, creating dedicated innovation spaces is of all importance. This is where our experience in creating computation spaces to help you keep abreast of the latest digitisation of drug & chemical discovery is there to support the growth and development of your organisation.

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"Your company philosophy of being non-contractual and more motivated to simply do the job is very refreshing, and not one always found in the construction industry."

James Coley, Partner, Ainsley & Partners


"I would recommend Habit Action to others for a number of reasons, firstly the deployment of the Habit Action App, which identified needs within the business that we weren’t aware’s also changed the culture of the business… there’s a really good atmosphere."

Tim Pocock, CEO of Origin Pharmaceuticals.


"The new offices and distribution facility have been a great success and have enables our whole operation to grow and expand further and faster than expected, as well as greatly increasing the morale and productivity of all the staff."

Hatul Shah, Executive Director of Sigma Pharmaceuticals Plc

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