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How we do it


1 Research

From our unique research methods and extensive knowledgebase, well help you gain a true understanding of what is happening in your workspace. From this data youll be able to create a comprehensive project brief that will guarantee a successful outcome to any changes you make in your workspace.

Next step: Design

2 Design

Are you looking for creative yet functional design? Our design artists balance style with substance to ensure the design of your new workspace will meet your everyday requirements. Our evidence-based design approach promotes job satisfaction and employee wellbeing, as well as reducing your space utilisation footprint and accommodating new technology and ways of working. We'll work with you to ensure your design helps you meet and achieve your long-term goals with confidence and peace of mind.

Next step: Budget

3 Budget

Alongside our design scheme, we'll provide detailed costings to ensure you have a realistic understanding of the extent of your project investment. We're up-front about our costings so once the full project specification has been approved, our costs are fixed costs and will only change if you decide to make amendments to the project specification.

Next step: Build

4 Build

We understand that managing a workplace relocation or refurbishment project is often a new experience for your internal project team. Throughout the project, we'll make sure we protect your reputation as much as ours. Our in-house project managers will see the works through to completion, on time and within budget.

Next step: Aftercare

5 Aftercare

Theres one good reason why our clients keep coming back! We won't just walk away at the end of our projects, we'll be there for you if you need to order more chairs in 2 years time, fix a problem or simply ask our advice.

  • Research
  • Design
  • Budget
  • Build
  • Aftercare
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