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The UK is undergoing a revolution in workspace design. Today’s workforce is an agile one, where collaboration, creativity and efficiency are understood and valued. It no longer matters how long you spend at your desk. What really matters is that you are getting results, pushing boundaries and becoming ever more productive.

With the agile workforce comes a more flexible and open plan office design. For many offices, this also brings the challenges of distraction and noise management. Thankfully, there are some great designers out there that have created products to assist with sound management in the modern office.

So we’ve come up with our top 4 acoustic solutions – meaning that you can successfully manage the noise levels in your workspace without compromising on style.

Acoustic Ceiling Rafts and Baffles

Implementing ceiling rafts is an ideal way to minimise excess noise without taking up floor space, or having to move furniture or walls within the office space. Installation of these panels is fast and colours and materials can be selected to compliment your office space.

Wedge screen

The ‘Wedge’ Screen by Era is a functional and flexible way to control sound within your office space. You can move this screen around and fit it to desks wherever you need to create a quieter, more private working zone right at your own desk.

Buzzispace raft

Buzzispace are the pioneers of office sound management. Their creative designs dont sacrifice form for function, and their raft system is a sleek, stylish sound management system that can be added to any office space. The panels glide along a track installed in the ceiling. These panels can then be relocated anywhere in your office that needs a sound barrier. These are ideal in the agile office, and allow you to create meeting spaces where there weren’t meeting spaces before.

Railway Carriage

Railway carriage meeting space

The Railway Carriage is a modular meeting zone that can be assembled in any office space. This functional space helps to keep informal meetings away from the main desking zone. Conversations are contained and distractions are minimised.

There are many different ways to manage sound within your office space, and we have only suggested 5! If you would like help with cutting down on excess noise and distractions within your office space, then get in touch with one of our advisors.

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