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Fragrance testing for discerning perfumers

A superior fragrance testing and presentation booth for the fragrance and perfume industry. Created to deliver engaging experiences for industry clients and partners.

Welcome to Aromabooth, the leading modular fragrance testing booth. The Aromabooth is designed to enhance product testing accuracy alongside helping you increase the volume of tests. This sleek unit will enhance your clients brand experience as well as working seamlessly to ensure your fragrance testing and presentation is at its best.

Aromabooth Explained

  • Extreme air tightness through fully sealed doors, hatches and fittings. No transfer of fragrance between booths
  • Efficient air handling system, up to 8 air changes per hour with internal ozone charged air purification.
  • Temperature and humidity controlling capability. Test your fragrance in a variety of circumstances.
  • Taint free and non porous surfaces to ensure consistent brand experience and longevity.
  • No external air venting required. The aromabooth operates from standard electrical circuits, making it suitable for installation globally.
  • Easy to set up and maintain, ensuring fast evaluation turnaround and consistency of service.
  • Front and rear access hatches with dividing internal walls, designed to suit your office environment. Transparent or opaque walls available.
  • Configure your fragrance testing booth to include facilities suited to your needs; basin, showerhead, washing machines or anything else you need for the ultimate fragrance testing experience.
  • Add surveillance cameras to monitor client reactions.

Since using the Aroma Booth, we've seen our fragrance test volumes increase, as well as having the product testing accuracy transform. Fragrance Evaluator, UK

Stylish office interior design washroom

Suited to your space.

Scalable in height and width, this fragrance testing booth has been designed to suit your unique environment. Suitable for any geographical location, building or floor the Aromabooth has been designed in detail and is built to perfection, encompassing your unique requirements.

This fragrance booth solution is configured to enable a swift 30 min turnaround between fragrance tests. Adjustable rear access configuration offers a sleek client presentation, and light and extract controls located externally to the booth ensure you have control over the entire fragrance testing experience.

CPL Aromas Laboratory Interior Design Fragrance Booths

More than just a fragrance testing booth.

Meet the Aromabooth family. With our continual commitment to innovation and solution development, we haven’t stopped at just providing high class product testing. We’ve innovated some stunning perfumery and flavourist task and storage environments too. From impressive reception spaces to immersive group presentation spaces.

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