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The experts at Selo understand simple and contemporary interior design, so when they wanted a fresh new office space for their staff, Habit Action were honoured to help.

Established in 2008, Selo started out as the UK agent for a major door manufacturer before rebranding as Selo in 2014. Now the family business has grown into one of the industry leaders and is renowned for producing the finest interior doors. Selo’s continued success meant they were looking to grow their team, but this required a relocation as their old offices were cramped and outdated. In fact, space was so tight that there wasn’t even a desk for the CEO.


The Challenge

The design boffins at Habit Action were tasked with creating a dual-purpose space — a working office which also doubled up as a showroom. Selo are rightly proud of their products and wanted to incorporate them in the office design. These included the innovative and stylish concealed door sets, basically seamless hidden door frames for contemporary high-end interiors.

The bright new office space, which includes eye-catching wall graphics, has greatly enhanced the working environment. The feel reflects the young, vibrant Selo team, many of whom use hoverboards to get around the office.

Rather than banks of workstations, the office has a multi-purpose layout with additional areas for work or relaxation, such as informal meeting spaces, soft seating, railway carriages (dubbed “the beach”), breakout spaces, large boardroom, kitchen space and even a gym.

An added benefit is that the design accommodates new ways of working, including wireless devices and a soft phone system, which aids productivity and creativity. Staff also have access to personal storage, such as lockers and hotboxes.



Overall, the new office space has brought three main benefits to the business:

  • Aesthetically pleasing, well designed space
  • Accommodates activity based working
  • Enhances wellbeing and productivity in the team.

The end result is a really spacious office, with the capacity to grow the team as Selo continues to develop.

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