Meet Michelle, our busy and energetic creative leader.

Michelle, What’s your role at Habit Action? Lead Creative… I basically lead projects from concept to delivery, look after my design team, juggle their workload, I inspire, innovate, nurture and motivate my team.

What’s your favourite project? My favourite Habit Action Project is definitely Appian Capital (Asset Management company) which we completed last summer. The scheme I created to reflect the company’s industrial business was delivered perfectly, just as it was intended. With its lustrous gold and nickel feature panels, imitating the strata rock formations, and a polished marble stone reception desk, this project reflects the slick and contemporary look our client desired… not forgetting the co-ordinated audio-visual solution which takes visitors around their global portfolio via a drone flight!

Three of your favourite things: being a ‘Creator Innovator’, my family and running with my friends…

What’s the most important piece of an interior designer’s kit? A creative brain and the ability enthuse and articulate an idea! The ability to pick up a pencil and draw is essential, I think!

Which famous designers have influenced your work? First inspiration – Le Corbusier, Richard Rodgers and partners for the Lloyds building!

Would you be happy to share your craziest mum-of-twins moment? Ooh Wow!! A twin mum has lots of crazy moments… but the one that stands out the most was when the twins were about 4 weeks old, my husband had gone back to work so I was riding solo. I’d dropped my eldest to school and got settled back at home with the twins. It was approaching their feeding time and so I was preparing their bottles etc. They both decided that wanted feeding early at exactly the same time! And no, I wasn’t quite prepared. They were both screaming red faced in their individual bouncer chairs. They were so small for me to feed them in their chairs, so I had to master feeding both in my arms at the same time! Which was no easy task!

Another fun time was when they were starting to toddle around, and I took them to the park. They both decided that they wanted to play on different things in completely different parts of the park, so one goes one way the other the other way! I was like a women possessed running from one to another and I realised over time I needed to evaluate who was potentially in any danger and address that first!

So yes being a twin mum is good grounding for juggling a busy career and home life!

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