The human brain is the command centre of our bodies. It contains roughly 86 billion nerve cells, can generate up to 50,000 thoughts per day, and it can process information faster than a Formula One car can travel!

"Brain information can travel up to 268 mph!"

On top of all of this, it is widely believed that the structure of our brain plays a key role in shaping the different characteristics of our personalities.

Your brain has two sides, which are known as hemispheres. The left hemisphere controls the right side of your body, dealing with logical thought and linguistic functions. The right hemisphere controls the left side of your body, dealing with things such as our imagination, spacial orientation and intuition.

Extensive research into the two sides of the brain is what inspired Neuropsychologist, Roger W Sperry to develop his left brain/right brain theory.


Sperry developed the left brain/right brain theory in 1960. He believed that each human brain is either right or left side dominant. Each side of the brain controls different types of thinking and therefore different personality traits. He believed that some individuals utilise both sides of their brains equally, but most people have a tendency to think in either a more left or right brain way.

So, what is the difference between Left and Right-brainers?

Typical left-brainers are goal-orientated and well organised, critical thinkers and they are rarely absent-minded. They don’t let feelings get in the way when making decisions and like to do things in an orderly fashion. They are very realistic, logical and precise and they LOVE a spreadsheet! Science and technology, logistics and engineering are just a few of the sectors where you will find a lot of left-brainers.

Now for the right-brainers! a.k.a the yin to the left brainers yang. Right-brainers can be disorganised, unpredictable and more often than not, very good with people. They are spontaneous, creative and more emotional than left-brainers, often pondering and acting on their feelings. They are intuitive, good at problem solving and more comfortable with the unknown. Excel is NOT their friend! Design, people services and marketing are industries that tend to attract the right-brained folk of the world.

At Habit Action we have a balance of left and right brainers in the team.

The Lefties...

True as it may be, our left-brainers are quantitative, analytical and structured with an affection for data and facts. They analyse how people are using their existing office, how they feel about the space and what types of work activities they do in the office. They remove subjective opinions out of the equation and focus on the facts.

The Righties...

Our right-brainers are creative, free-thinking and intuitive. They focus on making sure the spaces that we create are both functional and beautiful. They listen, interpret the data and then, in collaboration with our left-brainers, they make sure that the design concept fixes your current office space challenges.

This combination of data and creativity within the Habit Action team creates the perfect blend of skills for building user-centered workspaces.

The important thing to remember in all of this is that none of us are completely left or right brained. Each of us is a beautiful combination of the two, in varying ways.

So, are you are a lefty or a righty?

Take our quick Lefty Vs Righty quiz to find out!

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