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Here at Habit Action we are driven by one single motive in the work we do: to design and create amazing workspaces that help businesses to grow and teams to flourish. Knowing that our work directly affects the happiness of our clients’ lives is what motivates us to always go above and beyond. Ultimately, our goal is to create workplaces were people love to be.

Love is... a productive workplace

The key to a productive and prosperous working environment goes far beyond design that is easy on the eye, to truly love your workplace, efficiently utilising space is everything. That’s why Origin Pharma Packaging called upon our expert team to challenge and define what they needed to create an effective Workplace Strategy. By looking at the space available and reviewing the teams’ needs, we were able to transform their existing environment to meet their current and future plans. Creating a workplace they could grow into for years to come. Proving there’s no need to move when you can improve.

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Love is... a happy workplace

We spend over a third of our lives at work, and like our own homes, our working environment can dramatically affect our mental health and wellbeing. To deliver a workplace where clients’ and their teams are happy and healthy, requires more than careful project management, it demands understanding of each individual’s needs and desires from their workplace. Veeva Systems in Oxford is passionate about providing an environment that fosters wellbeing, happiness and satisfaction for all employees. At Habit Action we know the importance of such a brief, and worked not just to meet but exceed Veeva’s expectations for a happy workplace.

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Love is... an inspiring workplace

The workplace is an extension of your brand, a marketing asset, sales tool – your essence brought to life. Regardless of who crosses the threshold, colleague or client, first impressions are everything. A workplace that delivers the ‘wow’ positively impacts those working in it and the quality of work that leaves it. There is a quiet confidence in a well presented workplace that communicates the stature and ambitions of an organisation to all who enter. O’Connor Utilities knew the importance of creating an inspirational workplace and approached Habit Action to transform a previously underwhelming space into its biggest brand asset.

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"I would recommend Habit Action to others for a number of reasons, firstly the deployment of the Habit Action App, which identified needs within the business that we weren’t aware’s also changed the culture of the business… there’s a really good atmosphere."

Tim Pocock, CEO of Origin Pharmaceuticals.


"Going with Habit Action was definitely the best decision. We have very different teams here and they’re all very unique. Everybody in your team took on board what was said and created this wonderful space. You nailed it! Very much so."

Sian Lorimer, Facilities Manager at Veeva Oxford.


"The new space is leagues ahead of any premises that O’Connor Utilities have previously had. I think it reflects the growth of the business, especially the growth yet to come for the years ahead."

Peter Flitcroft, Support Services Director at O’Connor Utilities.


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