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Precision is everything for Edwards Vacuum, who wanted their exacting standards reflected in the design of a new space in their Burgess Hill office.

Since 1919 Edwards Vacuum has developed and manufactured sophisticated vacuum products and abatement solutions for use in a wide range of technical and industrial processes. From manufacturing solar cells and semiconductors to the operation of scientific instruments, Edwards Vacuum provides a world-class solution. When the time came to convert an old pump laboratory into a new office for their 50-strong IS group in West Sussex, they called upon the design boffins at Habit Action.


The Challenge

From the outset, Edwards Vacuum were keen to adopt an activity based approach to their office to encourage a new way of working. The aim was to foster empowerment and collaboration among the staff, while delivering greater efficiencies.

The Habit Action team engaged with the staff to assess their existing workspace with a view to designing a space that reflected their day-to-day activities. The fast paced and agile environment means no two days are the same, and at any one time the tasks in the office vary greatly.

Regular internal group sessions helped to examine current workflows, highlighting any challenges, while predicting future needs.

The results of the research led to a markedly different design compared to traditional layouts, with a greater emphasis on having space to collaborate while including areas for individual focused work.

Staff no longer have a personal desk space, they choose to work in the most appropriate area for each task.

Although this was a big change, the result has received a positive response from staff who now enjoy coming into the office and utilising the different zones.

As one of them remarked: I was reluctant at first but now I am convinced.

  • "The best thing about the new space is that based on the task in hand you have exactly the right space to work. That work can be highly focused needing a quiet space, finding an area for a quick informal catch-up or working at your desk."

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    Edwards Vacuum employee

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