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Office fit out and refurbishment

Undertaking a fit-out to any workspace is an opportunity for positive business change. You’ll find it a great way to impress your stakeholders and enhance employee job satisfaction and productivity.

Whether you’re running out of space, wanting more flexibility or looking to implement new ways of working, you can ensure that your office fit-out project has a long-lasting and sustainable effect. An intelligent approach to your office fit-out lets you overcome challenges and shift culture patterns in your workspace too.

On average up to 30% of office space in the UK is wasted or under-utilised. With an intelligently designed office fit-out project, you can increase occupancy in your existing space whilst enhancing employee wellbeing.

Environments have to be designed in a way that lets staff see that the company means what it says. You can’t eat, drink or sit on vision and value statements.”

An intelligent approach to office fit out and refurbishment

We base our workspace fit-out and refurbishment projects on an intelligent, evidence based office design. You’ll find our approach is tailored and personal, achieving successful outcomes for your organisation’s unique needs. We offer you a full turnkey solution for your project, and the fit-out works will be handled in-house by our experienced experts.

If you’re responsible for the successful delivery of your office fit-out project, you can rest assured we won’t let you down. As a team, we’re people-focused and take time to build personal relationships with all stakeholders on our projects. We understand what managing a project like this means for your personal career, so we’ll do everything to guarantee successful project delivery, on time and within budget.

From mechanical and electrical works, to HVAC, power and data, decoration, flooring, furniture and other finishes, your project will be taken care of by an approved and trusted team of experts. We’re committed to an exceptionally high level of customer service. You’ll be assigned your own project manager and site manager to oversee the whole process.

We work to a design and build project delivery model. This approach gives you one point of contact throughout the works, keeping communication open, straightforward and simple.

What is your office fit-out project likely to cost?

Every project is unique, so you’ll always need to go through a detailed costing and design phase for your fit-out project to ensure you’ve met all the needs in your building. As a guide, you could be looking at the following price ranges:

Category A fit-out – including items such as raised access floors, suspended ceilings, M&E services, washrooms to core areas, carpets and finishes to perimeter and core walls.

  • Basic fit-out (low complexity and specification) – £30 per square foot
  • Mid fit-out (medium complexity and specification) – £50 per square foot
  • High fit-out (high complexity and specification) – £85 per square foot

Category A costs are subject to the existing building infrastructure and complexity.

Category B fit-out – including items such as internal partitions, suspended ceiling modifications, specialist lighting, M&E alterations, enhanced wall and floor finishes, teapoint installation, bespoke joinery and graphics.

  • Basic fit-out (low specification and simple design) – £30 per square foot
  • Mid fit-out (mid specification and design) – £50-60 per square foot
  • High fit-out (high specification and design) – £100+ per square foot

Find out more about the differences between Cat A and Cat B fit out here

Managing the change in your workspace

Refurbishing or fitting out your office space is likely to cause disruption in your organisation. We can help you ensure that this is kept to a minimum and that you’re well equipped to manage the changes in your team.

From your internal communications, to parking, temporary access routes and transport, we support our clients in many ways to ensure that their new office space is an outstanding success in every aspect, both during and after the works are completed.

Why choose Habit Action for your office fit-out project?

Our unique design methodology offers you a more personal and data-driven approach to your design and fit-out, whatever type of space is involved. Evidence-based design will allow you to make informed decisions about the future of your workspace, ensuring that the end result of your fit-out or refurbishment project is guaranteed to be successful.

Aside from our design methodology, you’ll find our project delivery process to be supportive and thorough:

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